What kind of counseling is available?

Individual & Family Counseling

Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention dealing with issues that may include child/elder abuse or neglect, domestic violence, attempted suicide, self mutilation, substance abuse, anger management. Court mandated therapy for families involved in CPS/CWS.

Counseling for the problems that plague all families at one time or another such as depression, grief, anxiety, bullying or dealing with a child’s special needs.

School-based Individual Counseling for children in grades K-12

Support Groups
CARE counselors conduct support groups based upon community requests including school-based support groups at middle school and high school.

All counseling services are provided by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or post-graduate interns. Since 1985, CARE therapists have served thousands of clients.

Counseling services provided on school campuses are FREE of Charge. Sessions conducted at CARE are based on a sliding scale fee.

Family Resource Center

Assistance and services for children, families and individuals is provided at the Family Resource Center at 628 Montezuma Street, Rio Vista, CA

Obtaining Health Insurance: CARE is certified to provide assistance with enrollment in the Covered California Health Insurance Program.

Employment and Unemployment: Assistance with applications for unemployment benefits and employment applications.

Budget planning.

Translation services.

Parent Education: Bi-monthly Parent Support Groups and a library of parenting materials is available at the Counseling Center.

Services Coordination: Rio Vista CARE coordinates community resources and medical services providing information and linking families to outside services, providing assistance with child and family advocacy.

Resources and referrals to community and county services

Youth Services

Positive Action

Positive Action is a curriculum taught to middle and high school students promoting self-esteem and prevention of substance abuse and peer conflict. Children are taught that positive feelings lead to positive actions. The effects of the program range from increased academic achievement to dramatic reductions in problem behaviors. CARE Positive Action Programs curriculum is taught at local schools during the school year and in summer sessions.

Teen Resource Center (Open 3-5pm Monday-Friday)

Safe space for after school – our teen resource center has skilled staff that provides a safe environment for teens to be who they are.

Free use of computers for homework, study, and job seeking.

Employment and Unemployment: Resume` writing and assistance with employment applications.

Budget planning.

Translation services.

Resources and referrals to community and county services